Shriners Bluegrass Festival Tickets & Info

Order Weekend Tickets Before June 1 Save $10

Thursday Ticket $10

Friday Ticket $40

Saturday Ticket $40

Weekend Pass $60
Regular $70
Save Before June 1

Children 10 & under are free!
Grounds Open June 24
Gates open on July 12th. Anyone entering festival grounds at that time must have a weekend pass or purchase one at that time.

Tickets can also be purchased from Alma Sturgill at Sturgill’s Music Center on Scott Street in Olive Hill, KY.
606-286-4611 or send self-addressed envelope with your payment to Sturgill’s Music, 459 Parker Memorial Drive, Olive Hill, KY 41164.

New Camping Rates
Early parking June 24, 2018 – Free
**No Hookup**
June 25, 2016 until July 11, 2018
$10.00 per day with 30amp hookup
$15.00 per day with 50amp hookup
July 12, 13, & 14, 2018 – $20.00 per day

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  • Food vendors open during days of the show.
  • Shower house for public open daily.
  • Covered tent at stage area provided in case of rain.
  • Pumping service for camper holding tanks available.


Directions To The Shriners Bluegrass Festival:

Google Maps Users:
825 E. Tom T BLVD., Olive Hill, KY 41164- (Note to this address- the GOOGLE directions do not take you to the entrance to the show grounds. To enter the grounds, turn at the red light and follow the road behind the Elementary School)

Mapquest Users:
SamWaggoner Drive, Olive Hill, KY 41164

FOR THE “I’ve got a road map folks!!”:

(Approximately 85 miles)
Take I-64 EAST to Olive Hill exit 156. Turn right onto KY 2 for 3 miles until you come to a red light. Turn LEFT at the red light onto US 60 E. Go 1.2 miles and just past the McDonalds turn RIGHT at the red light. Our grounds are located behind the Olive Hill Elementary School.

(Approximately 43 miles)
Take I-64 WEST to Olive Hill exit 161. Turn LEFT onto US 60 W for 3 miles. At the first red light, turn left. Our grounds are behind the Elementary School.